I rull this country verbally like a fucking president
you can't knock me down, I fucking test your chest
and resurrect like Jesus, damn
geeze this shit it easy like wind thats eazy breazy
put a fucking cocked gun on your motherfucking skull
and jam your motherfucking face in like facebook was hacked on the wall
sell your soul, bitch, snitch a white man's clock, block a
wack fat ass out with your cock and don't stop till she bleeds
semen from both ears like a rockstar just fucking rocked a stadium of monsters, huh
I think i demonstrate my wrath like a degenerate god weeping in the skies who scratches on tears and sets the record straight
Lately I penetrate women that menstruate and eat pussy like I spunk in a bitche's nookie
I cook most a my food in a hookers crotch and we drink scotch
as she gives me French like a bad maid gave you herpes and told the doctor it didn't make sense
twenty teen tweeters weeping tears like emo beamers slashes their rists and fistfucks eact others small cunts and smoke blunts drownning sorrows like there was no fucking tomorrow
I borrow my fathers sweather bored the weather's hard raining start sending messages to god about pissing down green presidents on paper, residents of masculine misbehaviour then, fuck your friend's mom, stump on an uncles lungs till he lumps and drunk drivers use him as a speed bump. I'm a leave you in chok, anorectic whores choking on fat cocks, smile while you hostily walk out on me falling like leaves climbing down the atmosphere and mu calmness suddenly bleeds from a panic attack

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